The Right


ay To Go

Eighteen-year-old Xavier Zay Dunn is the star basketball player at Magnolia Senior High School. With his skills and seemingly bright future nothing can stop him from making it to college from his underprivileged neighborhood. Except one thing decisions.

Just as he finds his footing, avoiding the peer pressure and negative influences from his environment the sudden passing of his mother stuns his world. The walls are closing in more than ever when he is falsely accused of a crime that would change his life forever. Instantly he watches everything he worked hard for dissipate before his eyes. Once full of tremendous potential Zay falls into the pit of his unforgiving neighborhood as he navigates life to find himself. Mistake after mistake he reaches his lowest points but somehow someway he knows that he must find The Right Way To Go.

Shot on an iPhone.

Filmed on locations various locations in Virginia (Richmond Norfolk
Chesapeake Lorton).



AybrielBTV sits down to talk with author Torrey Buttler to discuss his new book Where Do I Go From Here? Torrey talks about his journey to success and how the highs and lows molded him into the man he is today. Not only is Torrey an author he recently created an app called Scribble which allows writers and authors to connect and network as well as get resources they need in order to produce their own book. Torrey gives AybrielBTV an exclusive on how he is juggling being an author actor creating a new app while being an entrepreneur. Torrey has such a nice personality and is always looking for ways to help and give back.


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This video tells a story that many of us can relate to. In this journey through life we are challenged and we sometimes question what our outcome will be. The video shows just that. From being told you will never make to it is impossible I am here to tell you to believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams! I hope you find inspiration in this project.